Buy a Bra Change a Life

Buy a Bra Change a Life

Giving back always feels good, especially for other single moms. And this week Vanity Fair lingerie and Dress for Success are teaming up to provide Bras and a renewed sense of self-confidence and support, to disadvantaged women across the country. All you need to do...

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A Friend Indeed

A Friend Indeed

Every so often I receive one of those emails that are passed from woman to woman about the importance of girlfriends. They are so poetic and poignant. I love them. I know there is a long routing list of which I am one of dozens, but I like being included. Friends are...

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Why Sleep Really Does Make You More Beautiful

Why Sleep Really Does Make You More Beautiful

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most important daily beauty “must-do’s” for every single mom, and yet in this day and age of high stress, too much social networking and  media-maxing, it is as elusive as the fountain of youth. Recent statistics...

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10 Beach Bag Essentials for Mom

10 Beach Bag Essentials for Mom

Moanalani Jeffry has super suggestions for your beach bag. Love the circular towel, that way you can simply shift your body with the sun instead of getting up and moving your towel in order to follow the...

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Welcome Single Moms!!

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"A friend of mine who went through an unhappy divorce a while back had a kindle edition of your last book which she was taking everywhere with her and your advice really put her back on her feet!"

Peter Stefanovic
Medical Malpractice Lawyer, London, UK

"I thought it was a really well done book with excellent content ....great accomplishment Kerri. You came across as authoritative and caring and I loved how you used stories throughout each chapter. You must be quite powerful in person!"

Steve Adams
CEO & author of "The Passionate Entrepreneur"

"What you are doing is very important to women and some of the women I work with have read your book and I feel they are "healthier" because they took your advice and actually applied it.

I feel you add benefit to the lives of women. At the same time, you're enriching the lives of those individuals who support the same women you're helping.

I just want to say thank you because when you heal those that are hurting, the support team surrounding these women heal too!"

Daniel Leary, Sales Director
United Healthcare

"My mother could of used your help when I was a child.  My dad abandoned us when I was 4, and never once even looked back.  I can remember my mother during our first Christmas together alone, with the tears rolling down her cheeks.  I have not thought about this for a very long time.  Thank you for helping single moms and the children who can not vocalize what to say yet.  They only know the pain and heartache.

You help moms to get their joy and hope backPriceless!!! Wow...I can only imagine all the children that will grow up and Thank You for helping their mother."

Paul Stine

"It was nice to meet you at the luncheon, really love your book. I look forward to seeing you at my Fashion Show."

Dina Bar-El
Fashion Designer

"For anyone who’s gone to hell and back post divorce or simply living through a rough patch in a marriage, this book is the essential dust yourself off and put yourself together again. Kerri’s advice is weighty but delivered in a light-hearted way that could easily be the voice of your favorite girlfriend. The best advice is about treating dating simply as fun, rather than a chore, in a quest to find someone, once you have found yourself."

Claire Atkinson, Senior reporter
Business Desk, New York Post

"Hey Kerri. I just wanted to let you know that I read your book last night and woke up at 4:00 am wanting to finish it. You did a fantastic job. It was like you were in my head as I have gone through the learning process of my divorce. I want to hug you for what you are doing for women everywhere. I am so impressed. More later. Love,"

Dr. Brooke Caldwell Sundstrom

"IT TAKES ALL 5 by Kerri Zane is one of those books that sneaks up on you then has you wishing the author would get to writing the subsequent edition this minute. This is a book that forces you to look inward… to define who you truly are and determine what you truly want in both a partner and life. Her clarity and straight forwardness stands apart from similar books that strive to achieve what Kerri has in this book but fall short. Every single mom should read this book. It’s truth captured in 214 pages that will change your life."

Laura Wellington
Author of “The Four-Star Diet”