busy morning for single moms

Busy morning for single moms

I have often said that being a working single mom is not a 9 to 5 job it’s a 5 to 9 job. It is amazing how much more you can juggle (and we are the queens of juggling) when you are up with the early birds. Mornings are golden. Kid’s are still sweetly sleeping snug in their beds, the house is peaceful and quiet and you can focus your thoughts and energy on you and your day ahead.

Here are 5 good reasons for you to start your day earlier.

1. Prep a Healthy Breakfast
One of the best reasons for you to start your day earlier is to eat breakfast. You will be far less likely to be overweight than non-breakfast eaters. Starting the morning with a protein and veggie meal is not only healthier, but it also keeps you satisfied longer than any kind carbohydrate breakfast. Your kids will be better off too if you fill their bellies with this type of meal vs. boxed cereal. My favorite is one scrambled egg mixed with sautéed green veggies and one ounce of feta cheese.

2. Set Your Morning Intentions
Taking the time to incorporate morning intentions will improve your mental wellness and center your nervous system. Before you jump out of bed sit up straight, set your feet on the floor and straighten your back. Eyes closed or open, doesn’t matter, and shared aloud or to your self say how you would like your day, and everything in your day to unfold. The simple practice of mindfulness helps your brain and neurotransmitters get into an optimal ‘set’ for the day. In turn, this provides you with better emotional resilience and response flexibility. In as little as three weeks of this practice, your brain will respond by creating new neural pathways that support healthier relationships with your kids, your and yourself!

3. Take Back Your “Me” Time
As a single mom, starting your day earlier gives you time to check your emails, drink your coffee in peace and even do some meditation or stretching. Think of it as your mommy refueling time. You’ll be so much better prepared for your day ahead.

4. Cross a Chore Off Your To-do List
You can do so much with your morning, especially if your kids are still asleep. For example, do a load of laundry every morning; it eases the stress of doing an entire day’s worth, and it’s presorted so it makes it simpler.

5. Do a workout
There is nothing more zen-worthy than spending time working out. Even just twenty to thirty minutes of exercise will amp up your energy throughout the day and get your blood pumping. Plus you’ll have your workout done for day!

Regardless of how you utilize these extra quiet morning hours the important thing to remember is this is time for you. Take good care of yourself.