Mom fell down. My 90-year-old mother was just getting back on her feet again after a horrendous bout with shingles. Ugly nasty disease. (If you are over 60 years old I highly recommend the Zoster vaccine). In any event, mom was down for the count, four months on her back and depressed. I thought for sure I was going to lose her. With time the infection subsided, the healing was slow but steady and by February she was on her feet again.  For six weeks she was runnin around like a crazy woman, buying/returning/and buying again – her favorite sport. Then last Saturday she slipped and fell, breaking her arm and fracturing her pelvis. Once again this amazingly spry senior is down for the count and dreadfully sad.

As mother’s day approaches my thoughts turn to what this day means for me and what it means to my mom. As a single mother with no significant other, I inevitably fall into the role of organizer for the day. In all honesty, as a woman squarely in the center of the sandwich generation, I can’t remember a Mother’s day since I gave birth to my first daughter that has been about me. It used to bother me. A LOT.

Not so much anymore. Now I feel that with every day I have MY mom in my life is a gift. I have discovered in the last few years that Mother’s day is truly for the matriarch of the family. The one who unconditionally has spent a lifetime giving us all so much. This woman birthed me, bathed me, fed me, loved me, taught me, laughed with me, listened to me, wiped my tears and my tush. How do I make this coming Sunday a joyful day for her?


Time is our most precious gift. It is the one thing we can give to another person that is truly priceless and irreplaceable. And so this Mother’s Day will be all about my mom. It is her day for the entire fem clan to gather around. We will allow her the time to share all her stories that would otherwise be dismissed because we don’t have the time. It is her turn to choose her favorite bedside meal because it is her day to be waited on hand and foot. I want her to know with absolute certainty that this day is her day to shine. It is her TIME to be surrounded by all that she loves and all those that love her.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.