kerri zane 2010

Kerri Zane

Are you ready for summer? Or does the thought of donning your swimsuit send you into a frenzied search on, for an extended trip to a frosty destination where layers are in season! You don’t need to feel that way. There is still plenty of time to work your body into those tiny bits of fabric that make you sassy and men feel downright lusty!


According to IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Boot camps have been popping up in gyms and grassy knolls all over the country. Why? Well the combination of the simple routines, minimal equipment, portability and super-charged results is the key. One hour of these high energy workouts can burn more than 500 calories plus it kicks the on switch for your metabolism that keeps it humming for 48 hours after you’ve completed the last crunch, this in turn can help you burn an extra 300 calories a day.


The beauty of these streamlined routines is with a little motivation you can create your own personal boot camp routine just about anywhere and get busy burning your kcals anytime. Just a little homemade fitness ingenuity. The way the program works is alternating routines between total body strength workouts done on three non-consecutive days each week and three cardio interval workouts done two to three non-consecutive days then fill in the final one or two days with a good pilates or yoga class or take a nice long one hour walk. Every 10 days or so just chill and give your body a break.

CARDIO Doing cardio two to three times a week amps up your routine and switching up the cardio you do will increase the burn by mixing  up your muscles.

Try these three:

short 30 second to one minute sprints with two minutes of walking in between. continue this combo for one hour.

two minutes of jump rope followed by 30 inverted push ups and finish off 30 squat blasts. Work up to 6 sets.

run or fast walk up a hill forwards and backwards two times each. take a 5 minute slow walk on level ground in between.


The circuit is designed to maximize your training minus equipment. So these exercises can be done outside in a park, in your backyard or your living room. Do each movement in succession for 45 seconds taking a 15 second rest in between each exercise. Then take a 60 second rest between sets. Do 5 to 6 sets for a solid kick butt 30 minutes.

Card squats. use 10 to 15 index cards. squat and place one card on the floor. stand up and then squat two feet forward and place the second card. repeat this movement until all the cards are on the ground. Turn around and squat picking up each of the cards again.

push ups. using a bench or chair do 15 push-ups

dips. turn around and using the same bench or chair do 15 dips.

bicycles. lying on the ground or a mat touch your opposite elbow to opposite knee, switching side for a count of 25 on each side.

Keep up this routine as summer fades into fall and you’ll stay slim and trim for the rest of the year.