All that hoopla about coffee and tea being bad for you…not true. Tea, coffee and chocolate, for that matter, contain caffeine, a powerful stimulant. Besides being a tastey morning necessity caffeine has been shown to positively revv up your morning workouts. How? It’s simple.

Caffeine fuels your central nervous system by blocking adenosine, a neurotransmitter that usually calms your body. The adrenal glands heat up and release adrenaline, your heart rate increases, pupils dilate, muscles tighten up and glucose, the energy your body needs to exercise is released into your blood stream.

Caffeine increases dopamine, the pleasure part of your brain and research suggests that caffeine can improve endurance performance by increasing the use of fat as an energy source.  So you can burn more calories and get a more powerful and enjoyable workout.

One word of caution, caffeine lives in your system for 6 hours after consumption. So it’s most effective for a morning workout person. If you are an after work exerciser you might want to think about the caffeine after affect and sleep.

Anyone for a Latte?!

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