I am always looking for ways to make workouts more fun and engaging while staying true to my no gym, no equipment, no excuses mantra. So here are a few ways to get in some good lower body and core work with a healthy dose of cardio next time you’re hanging out with your kids.

Jumprope.  About a month ago I bought myself a grown up jumprope. I was inspired by watching how boxers use them in their warm-ups before they get in the ring. It seemed like in no time they worked up a sweat and amped up their heart rate. Try 30 second intervals with the jumprope. You take a turn and then let your child take a turn. Ten minutes will burn 135 calories. It works your shoulders, arms, chest and legs.

Skipping. Have a skipping race with your kids to see who can get to the end of the block first. A start and stop race back and forth along a path for 10 minutes will burn twice as many calories as running. It works your legs and arms.

Hula hoop.  Next take a spin in the center of a hula hoop. Another great way to engage with your children to see who can keep the hoop in play the longest. Thirty minutes will burn about 200 calories or use a weighted hoop and double the burn. It works your hip and back as well as arms and legs.

Hop scotch. Then get your sidewalk chalk out and draw a hop scotch game on the ground. A few rounds of this game with your mini me’s will burn about 340 calories an hour. It great for your legs and balance.

Cartwheels. Finish off your playtime with some good ol’ cartwheels. It is good for your overall arm strength. There are no real stats on how many calories you burn.  But the mere fact that as an adult you can still turn your whole body upside down and around is exhilarating and will put a smile on your face.

It’s multi-tasking at its finest.