silhouette-of-a-woman-exercising_largeEverybody knows it is important to take regular exercise, eat sensibly and generally look after our bodies and well-being. Of course, we all know that. We’ve got the theory down pat; we understand it alright. But what about in practice? When it comes to the everyday business of keeping our appointments with the gym and healthy meal options, do we manage it? Of course we do… some of the time.

Well how about we work on trying to increase the hit rate? What can we change in our lives to make choosing the exercise regime the easy option? When our busy lives are already so full with family and work commitments, how can there ever be enough hours in the day to focus on our own personal exercise regime?

Success lies in doing something we single moms are good at. Being adaptable. Look at a typical day and see if there are any gaps or spaces where a bit of regular exercise could slot in. What about that down time just after the children have left for school and before work kicks in? Or there’s always time in the lunch break for exercise, or maybe after work to sweat out all the stresses and strains of the day, leaving them on the floor of the gym. Is any of this sounding like it could work? It may seem like every single second of the day is mapped out and already claimed, but it is possible to push back commitments and take some personal time back – if an effort is made to do so.

When it comes to exercise, it helps to stick to a regular regime to maintain fitness.  For many people, the most successful way of approaching fitness is to make it a regular thing, every day, like clockwork. That way, it doesn’t need to be thought about at all – it just gets done.

But not all of us can stick to such rigid schedules.  Many single moms find a good way of incorporating healthy living into a busy lifestyle is to make it part of their social life. Joining a club such as a tennis or swimming club will not only boost fitness levels regularly, it will enrich other areas of life. Meeting new friends and networking in fresh circles is great for happiness as well as fitness levels. Team sports such as basketball and softball are a real blast and don’t feel much like exercise. Why not sign up for a game and see how it goes?

What other things do busy people do to stitch exercise into the fabric of their lives? Those with the budget for it may employ a personal trainer, someone who is able to fit around their schedule and tailor the perfect regime to their fitness goals. A good personal trainer can be a wonderful health boost and they really help with difficult areas such as motivation and diet. Consider sharing the costs of a personal trainer with a good friend, training together will be fun and both will benefit in health and purse.

Take advantage of our loyal canine friends. They will never refuse a walk around the block and they can be the best companions. Steady, regular walking is a great way of keeping active and burning off excess calories after meals.

And there are other steps to take which don’t cost a thing. Make it a rule to avoid the elevator and take the stairs, and whenever possible leave the car when it is okay to walk instead. At work, don’t sit at the desk for hours without moving, regularly get up and walk about to give the body a stretch.

Getting fit and healthy isn’t only about making time for exercise. The food we buy and prepare for ourselves is paramount to how good we feel. Avoid eating products with high salt, sugar and fat content. Reduce red meat consumption and eat more oily fish and lean, white meat. Fill up on fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and whole grains. Take a packed lunch to the office full of delicious, healthful foods – this will save money and is a great taste too. Sometimes when burning the candle at both ends it may be difficult to take on board everything that’s needed for optimum health. At times like these buy Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement to ensure the body gets all that’s needed to keep it in the best condition.

Don’t let a busy lifestyle get in the way of keeping fit and healthy. When an exercise regime is devised that complements instead of dominates how we live, it is far more likely to succeed.