51 years old in a bikini

Kerri Zane

Nothing is more annoying than virtual strangers telling me what I can and cannot wear! A new survey published in theDaily MailMay 11 has attempted to become our moral clothing compass. 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 65 polled by a UK dieting company Diet Chef has certainly made a name for themselves all over the world, but I don’t think they’ve made many friends with women over the age of 35.  When the results of their survey were tallied it seems the appropriate age for wearing a mini skirt (35) tube top (33) and bikinis (47), we all have till 61 to keep any kind of swimsuit on and then apparently we are persona non grata at the playa!


There are plenty of young women in their twenty’s who should not be seen in a tight tank top let alone a bikini or belly shirt. I mean really, you know what I’m talking about…girls with massive muffin tops spilling over their Rock and Republics sporting a pierced belly button just to accentuate the not so positive. Or those women who wear the wrong size jeans so when they alight from the dinner table, you not only see their backside tramp stamp, but you also get a not so appetizing peek at their g-string. Is that sexy? or age appropriate? I don’t think so. Not that I want to see a 50 year old woman’s g-string either. I don’t want to see anyone’s g-string!


I’ve got to be honest, rather than an age range bikini restriction how about a BMI  (body  mass index) body beautiful standard of dressing. There are plenty of stunningly fit women in their 40’s and 50’s who can wear just about anything and turn heads. Dressing should be about what’s appropriate for your body not your age. If a woman has legs like Tina Turner, who by the way is 72 and still shows them off, is she to hide her glam gams because she suddenly turned 36?  If a lady has worked her whole life ab crunching should she send her six pack under cover just because she celebrated her 48th birthday? It makes no sense. And boys…I’ve got news for you, if all these beauties go into hiding because of a number you will be missing out on some hot scenery simply because of a ridiculous standard.


My best advice…take a realistic look in the mirror and evaluate your look with a keen eye. If you don’t feel like you are a good judge for yourself bring a long an honest friend. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Wear what looks good on you. And for goodness sakes if you are over 50 and can sport long hair, a mini, a see through chiffon blouse and stiletto’s…Rock on sister! You are my heroine.

The picture above was taken a little over a year ago. Can you guess my age?? I’d love to hear your answers! (I’ll give you a hint, I’m over 47!)



Here is the complete list from the survey.

…bikini? 47
…miniskirt? 35
…boob tube? 33
…stilettos? 51
…belly button piercing? 35
…knee high boots? 47
…trainers? 44
…leather trousers? 34
…leggings? 45
…Ugg boots? 45
…swimsuit? 61
…tight vest? 44
…see-through chiffon blouse? 40
…long hair? 53
…ponytail? 51