unhealthy deep fried food/kerri zaneWith Christmas behind us most will be thinking forward to the New Year and our annual resolutions, top of the list for nearly every healthy living single mom is eating well and releasing weight. Wednesday December 28 @ 12:30 on THE NATURAL HEALING AND NATURAL REMEDIES SHOW. We are going to talk about the foods to avoid.

Recently NaturalNews.com wrote an article about the dangers of fried foods. I think we all know that deep frying is an unhealthy way to prepare foods and certainly not the best for us to eat. But many may be unaware of the litany of health dangers. So here are a few facts to consider before you head out to your favorite fast food joint in 2012.


The key to fried food is the breading. The danger is the breading sucks up nearly every drop of oil. So in essence eating fried chicken is like drinking a glass full of oil. Consuming vegetable or canola oil increases your low-density or “bad” cholesterol. The buildup from these saturated fats, cholesterol and trans fats in your arteries can cause hard deposits aka plaque to form eventually restricting your blood flow. This can cause a heart attack or stroke especially if a piece of the plaque breaks away. The closer your fat is to your heart the more dangerous. For men fat is stored in their belly’s. For Single moms it’s in their hips and thighs.



• Fried foods clog arteries and lead to strokes and Alzeimer’s.

• Clogged veins and arteries cause heart attacks and aneurysms.

• Canola oil is one of the top 3 GMO products (genetically modified to contain pesticides) in U.S. and is used by almost all restaurants and for nearly all fried products you find in stores.

• Canola oil (rapeseed oil) is synthetic and deprives cells of oxygen, causing emphysema and respiratory distress, eventually leading to cancer.

• Soy and soy by-products are almost all GMO.

• Corn oil and corn by-products (breading on almost everything) are also GMO and contain pesticide

• Most fried foods contain MSG (toxic salts) to enhance “dead food” flavor

• Taking antacids makes things worse – prevents natural enzyme production by the body. It also adds bad calcium which is armor (protection) for parasites/infection.

• Most meats are from animals, fowl and “farm raised” fish that are loaded with hormones and antibiotics.

• Fried means inflammatory foods which create problems with joints.

• Arterial plaque increases blood pressure.

• Potatoes and most bread (buns/pizza crust/pitas/tortillas, etc.) soak up the canola oil and turn to sugar in the stomach.

• Modified, processed and fried foods don’t break down in body properly; remaining in kidneys, liver, intestines, prostate and colon for extended periods of time, if not forever.

• Gluten (mutant food glue): Used for pizza crust, fried seafood, pre-prepped Chinese, corn dogs, crackers, pastries, cakes, and the list is a mile long.

• Sugar and carbs feed infection; makes you want more of the same; feeding the vicious cycle.

• Empty calories are totally void of nutrients, so the body keeps searching for anything of nutritional value. Feeling “full” wears off sooner.


The great news is that you can unclog your arteries without surgery or drugs. If you’ve been binging on fried foods during the holiday season make one of your New Years resolutions to detoxify your blood and refortify organs. Take organic B vitamins, dandelion root and milk thistle.

Happy New Years!