Happiness; the one single quality we single moms all strive for, but tend to think of as elusive or perhaps unattainable. In spiritual psychology we’ve learned how to harness happiness. It is not something that you either have or you don’t have, the truth is there are daily methods for optimizing your own joy and well-being.  In spiritual psychology we have found that using a few specific techniques that enhance gladness and life satisfaction will increase daily pleasure.


The queens of multi-tasking, single moms, should strive to avoid doing more than one thing at a time. Overstimulation diminishes your ability to savor what you are doing.


Participate in activities you enjoy with people you like. Single moms consider actually engaging with your kids when you take them to the park. Swing on a swing with them or climb on the jungle gym. Exercising with your girlfriends is the perfect opportunity to share in joy.


Give yourself a goal you know you can achieve and work towards it. Happiness is increased when you can accomplish what you set out to do. Focusing on small steps or three foot tosses is key. Lofty goals are sometimes so overwhelming you end up giving up. So for example, instead of saying you are going to lose 20 pounds by summer by going to the gym everyday and cutting out all carbs from your diet. Try including 20 minutes at the gym one week and/or making your lunch on one slice of bread instead of two.


Take time to appreciate your accomplishments. At the end of your day recall all that you have completed in the last 24 hours and honor yourself with a pat on the back.


When you create a master plan for your future, spiritual psychologists call it a living vision, you increase your ability to manifest what you want. Take a piece of paper out and at the top write a sentence in a positive first person statement of what it is you want to accomplish. Then lay out the steps, again in the affirmative, what it will take to reach your goal. Post it up somewhere visible and read it daily.

All of these techniques can be improved with practice. So go ahead, exercise your joy and well-being!