8 ways to make the 8 days of Hanukah Happy for Single Moms.

  1. Split the days. Even if it doesn’t suit your current custody schedule or court ordered time sharing. four and four is fair.
  2. Don’t try to replicate family traditions. You created a new family. Create new traditions.
  3. Have a single mom + kid holiday event with other single moms
  4. Remember that Hanukah is a minor Jewish holiday. It is not Christmas. You don’t need to compete with your neighbors or your ex.
  5. Don’t blow your budget and divorce guilt buy. Your children will love you and celebrating the holiday regardless of the number, size or expense of the presents.
  6. Consider your four non-family evenings pamper eves. Attend a Hanukah holiday singles event or hang out with your girlfriends.
  7. Buy yourself a special treat like babysitting services for a future night out after the holidays
  8.  RELAX  and Enjoy the Happy Hanukah. 🙂