Losing the the last 10 pounds is every dieters seemingly insurmountable challenge. It’s been a long haul to get to those last few and right about now you’d rather dig your fork into a gigantic helping of chocolate lava cake rather than another salad. And that’s for good reason, your body doesn’t really like being on a “diet”. Back in the day prehistoric woman had to fill up on what she could find for the long haul. Your body is designed to hang on to the filling fats because it’s not sure when it might be fed again. But there are ways to fool your body into feeling satisfied and cooperate with your long range weight goals.

Died Mind Game

Here’s what’s happening. Everyone has a steady state weight that your body works to maintain. When you gain weight above that steady state your body tries to increase caloric expenditure to drop the extra girth. Conversely when you lose weight your body tries to gain weight back. This is what makes those last 10 so feisty. While you are trying your hardest to lose them your body is working overtime to resist your persistence by decreasing your metabolism and playing happy trigger finger with your hunger. You’ve got to send a different message to your body.

Feed the fire

Think of your metabolism as the furnace that keeps your body going. If you feed the furnace too much it blows up, if you feed it too little it burns out. In order to keep your body working at a steady pace you need to feed your inner fire on a regular basis. Eating smaller meals every two to three hours keeps you from sending your body into starvation mode. Graze on healthy fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole wheat carbs.

Amp the Cardio

Switching up your exercise routine is another way to mind over matter your metabolism. If you tend to do the same workout at the same intensity day after day and month after month your metabolism goes into a numb state. In other words you’ll hum along at a steady pace but you won’t lose weight. Rather than adding more time your treadmill hour of power alternate the intensity. If your routine is normally 20 minutes at a static pace try intervals of  2 minutes at a fast run and 3 minutes at a steady walk.

Fire up your guns

Muscle is your weight loss friend because the more muscle you carry in your body the more calories you burn even when you are at rest. In other words for every pound of lean muscle mass you maintain your metabolism will burn about six calories per day. With 600 muscles in your body that’s a lot of burn!  Strength training twice a week with weights will help maintain the muscle.

So whats your lose the last 10 pounds secret to success?