You know the sayings go… “Pink is the new Black, or ” Orange is the new Pink.” Well for single moms, on a tight budget, nail polish is the new shoe. Carrie and the rest of her  Sex in the City single gal pals had endless amounts of green to spend on stiletto’s, kitten heels and espadrilles. But for single moms having to choose between soccer season and the latest Jimmy Choo from his spring collection…Well, soccer wins out. So what’s our guilty expenditure of choice? Nail Polish. Those cute kicky bottles filled with yummy colors that bedazzle our fingers and toes and instantly brighten our mood. For as little as $6 any single mom can satisfy her retail therapy fix.

NEW FOR 2012

1. Neon– I was just in Paris during Spring Break with my youngest daughter and neon was everywhere! Neon is bold, bright and boastful. Brush some on to your fingers and toes to accent all the blacks and greys you’ve got in your closet from last season. colors and a top coat. Here’s a steal of a deal from Amazon . For $5 you can own your very own set of 6 neons for your nails.

2. Orange– Another huge trend is orange and coral. Again a fav in France. I saw a woman on the Champs d’ Elysees in an Orange track suit. I kid you not! Essie has a very rich blood Orange shade and OPI the perfect pumpkin color. Click on the links and you will find then on line for the best prices.

3. Pistachio – Go nuts..ok I couldn’t resist. The delicious color of those tasty nuts has been all over the runways this spring.“2012 is all about the color green,” says Essie founder Essie Weingarten to Refinery29. “There’s something really special about it, so you’re going to see a lot of it.” Try a taste of theEssie Navigate her. 

4. Pastels – You don’t need to be an Easter Egg to enjoy these pretty palettes. Try a fun yellow, purple or pink. I love love the Orly sweet collection.

5. glitter – Every single mom could use some gliz and glam, even if you are only going to the grocery store. China Glaze Techno is the bomb with its 3D holographics. You can put it on top of your other colors or be bold and wear it bare.

So go ahead, enjoy your thrifty single mom guilty pleasure….nail polish is the new shoe.