Are you thinking about getting a divorce, find yourself in the midst of a divorce, or still reeling from your divorce?

Have you recently lost a loved one and don’t know where to begin again?

Do your finances need fixing?

Are you struggling to create balance in your life?

Do you feel stigmatized by your friends and society for being a single mom?

Are you worried about how your kids are handling your situation, let alone how they might  about you dating again?

Kerri Zane and Daughter6Once upon a time I was in your shoes. Recently divorced. Reeling. A suddenly single mom.

I wondered how I’d pay my bills, take care of my kids, and reinvent my life from the ground up. It was scary. I felt like I had no one I could rely on. No one I could trust. 

It was a struggle somedays just to get up out of bed and drive my kids to school let alone go out and be the breadwinner.

My life was a minute-by-minute, day-by-day, month-by-month process.

A divorce lawyer friend of mine, JoAnne Barone once said,

Divorce brings out the worst in the best people

It’s true. Being the target for someone else’s anger and hurt, is painful. And regardless of whether you are the one who initiated the proceedings, or vice versa, it does not make the process any less harrowing.

Sad woman sitting on the floor waiting for the phone call

I’ve had my fill of phone conversations with my children’s dad where I would hang up and try not to cry in front of my daughters, but often I couldn’t stop the onslaught of frustrated tears.

After 3 years of expensively bickering through attorneys I got a rude awakening that would ultimately turn my life upside down. Despite having been in a long term marriage, I received no alimony or child support. In fact, I ended up paying my former spouse child support.

The judge made this decision in spite of the fact that for our entire marriage he was the primary wage earner, he remained in our family home and drove a luxury automobile. I on the other hand, rented a small apartment, drove my parent’s old car and was just starting up a new company. It was shocking. And a wakeup call.

I learned in that moment the court system doesn’t play fair and to continue down this path was only going to diminish my financial capacity. I had to channel my energies supporting myself and my children on my own.

So, I got busy doing what I knew how to do. My new business partner and I ratcheted up our sales efforts. (Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur). And we worked hard.

I balanced raising my kids in the suburbs, where they were born and raised and drove 2 to 3 hours each way every day to my office in the city. I made sure they had everything they needed and wanted (within reason) so the impact of the divorce was not on them.

Kerri Zane and Daughter8

Eventually I was able to save up enough money to make a down payment on a house in a good area where I knew my daughters and I would feel safe. Taking on the responsibility and expense was huge for me.

I had a hard time

298714_3790925526589_1562725036_nI closed my eyes and forged ahead. It was the absolute right decision. Unlike our house when I was married, our home was full of peace and love. The house was our sanctuary.

I knew, from the time I was going through the process, that there were not a lot of resources out there for single mothers.

It was at this point that I realized it was time for me to reach more women-in-need than my small inner circle of single moms that I would mentor from time to time.

I shifted my life goals. I shuddered my company, went back to school (not an easy feat for a mid-life single mom) and after two intense years of study, writing and testing I received my master’s in spiritual psychology.

While in my University program I wrote my first book, “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.”

Kerri Zane and Daughters - updated20142Through grieving and recovery, my spiritual training and a ton of in the trenches misfires I learned how to be the best single mom I could be.

I discovered the recipe for work/life balance. I worked hard and invested wisely to make sure my daughter’s had everything they needed physically, emotionally and financially to grow-up and become the amazing young women they are today. And I found a way to make the time necessary to date in order to find the REALationship I’m sharing with my special man.

Kerri Zane Speaking2Now I want to share my knowledge, learnings and methodologies with you. That’s why I decided to write my book.

I wanted to take all my years of experience as well as the in-depth studying and distill it down to make it totally accessible and easy to understand without losing any of the powerful healing.

Plus there are great real world stories from the 100’s of single moms I interviewed to lend support.

But I didn’t want to stop with just the book, so I created The Single Mom Superstar Mind Snax Program with audio courses and workbooks that are far more powerful and healing for single moms than anything else.

2014-01-19 15.59.35 - smallMy greatest accomplishment would be to change every single moms life for the better. I want you to see the great hope and possibility in your future.

That you too can raise amazingly loving and successful children. And you can do all of this without experiencing the struggles I endured.

That is why I designed and created these courses especially for you.

Thankfully my life looks very different now. And yours can, too!

You’re just steps away from getting what you need to live your happily EVEN after.

SMSS Program will help you discover

1. How to move from being stuck in the overwhelm of single motherhood  – to successfully putting your life back together

2. The defining factor between single moms who thrive and the ones who merely survive

3. How to handle your kids’ beliefs, expectations and needs – AND how to tell them when you start dating again

4. Attracting the right people into your life. And knowing when you’ve met your REAL One.

5. Knowing with certainty that you CAN create the life you really want

Program designed for the busy single mom

* Each of the Single Mom Superstar online courses is only 20 to 30 minutes.

* They are designed with you in mind: an on-the-go busy single mother.

* You can listen and learn anywhere, anytime and in any order.

* The workbook content can be done at your leisure whenever you have time.

* Each Mp3 is packed with everything you need to know for handling life as a single mom at any stage and any age.

* You receive 24/7 access to get help and support in the Single Mom Superstar Mind Snax Private Facebook group.

* All of this is available to you immediately after purchase!

Your Investment


“I am excited and honored to have found the Single Mom Course Work. I have recently been introduced to Kerri Zane and her beautiful work. I can tell a lot of thought and compassion went into the whole process of this series.

The course is a life changing experience.

Their are so many details of this series that are extremely effective, one in particular is the touchy topic of divorce and learning how to use coping mechanisms to help go through the unexpected role as single mom.

This is awesome work and it will help keep you during a lot of tough moments. Thank you Kerri!”

Shamaiah Manriquez

“The online course was comforting, informative and right to the point. Getting things out on paper and releasing their power over your life is key. And this course did just that.

I highly recommend this course to any single mom or divorced mom who is looking to get her life back on track, or who simply wants a healthy perspective on her new found life as a single mom. Get your power back ladies.”

Neferteri Plessy

Here’s What’s Included:

This course is designed to support you and your children as you move through the grief from the loss of your marriage due to divorce or death.

It contains proven guides to help all of you confidently move forward.

This course provides you a step-by-step guide to the rescripting process.

It helps you identify the old wounds that are keeping you stuck and create a new story for a bright and confident future.

To be a successful single mom you have to believe in the bright side.

In this course you will find 3 simple ways that allow you to live optimistically every day!

It has been overwhelmingly shown that confidence is the most appealing quality in a woman. This course contains 3 simple steps that will shift your mindset about who you are forever. Are you ready to take your place on top of the world?!

Fear is the emotion that keeps us stuck.

In this course you will be given 3 key processes that will help you move through any fear in order to achieve freedom at any time for the rest of your life.

Research has shown that happy people achieve greater success in every aspect of their life.

In this course you will be guided through the best ways to create happiness from the inside out, forever!

Juggling is a way of life for single mothers. How you juggle what’s in your world is critical to your peace of mind.

In this course you will learn the one necessary word that will make your life a breeze and proven techniques to be organized and sane.

Loving yourself first is the key to overcoming anything and everything that creates the roadblocks to your happiness.

In this course you will find a variety of exercises that will take you to that place of overall contentment. This is YOUR time.

Have you been out of the dating pool for a while?

Afraid to dip back in?

This course will give you all the confidence, skills and flirty techniques to make dating easy breezy.

You’ve heard the dating horror stories and you’re nervous about putting yourself out there. Don’t be.

In this course you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to be able to decipher the good guys from the scammers.

You’ve decided it’s time you start dating again. But how and where to begin can be mystifying. And making it okay for your children is even more perplexing.

In this class you will find the most important questions you’ll need to answer for your kids to make this transition easy. The #1 way for your kids to meet THE guy, once you’ve found him. The best ways to seamlessly and lovingly include him into your life.

Are you ready to find your REAL one?

Do you want to create a life with the man of your dreams?

In this course you will be shown step by step how to use the 5 finger philosophy to meet your man for your happily even after. For REAL!

These courses were created for the different phases and scenarios of the single mom journey.
You’ll have the opportunity to choose whichever course is right for you based on your current situation.

Are you contemplating a divorce? Don’t take the steps to announce your intentions until you’ve protected yourself and your children.

This course outlines everything you need to prepare for financially BEFORE you take the leap into single motherhood. This is the first online course of it’s kind and a must do for you!

Are you in the midst of a divorce proceeding? It is not too late to know what you don’t know and to navigate the confusing legal process.

This course provides a comprehensive overview and checklist to protect the financial future for yourself and your children. You deserve this peace of mind.

You have survived the divorce process now you must protect YOUR assets. This course provides a comprehensive overview and checklist as you move forward in being a financially independent single mother.

Widowhood is emotionally challenging and can be financially devastating. This course is designed specifically for you to protect your remaining assets and support your independent future. The course provides a comprehensive overview and checklist of everything you must consider. No need to worry about what you might be forgetting, its all laid out for you in the companion 95+ page workbook.

Choosing to remarry after divorce is a big step and consummate leap of faith. Regardless of the emotional love you must financially protect yourself and your children. This course outlines everything you must consider before you make your way down the aisle.

Deciding to take on the responsibility for raising children on your own is a big step. It requires emotional grounding and strong financial know-how. You are the sole support for your young ones. This course outlines every aspect of protecting your finances so you and your children can comfortably live the life of your dreams.

Your Investment