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Although I realize that people are no longer being promised to marriage at 16 and our daughters aren’t expected to run off with some guy she barely knows to start a family at 18, the pressure to get married sooner rather than later may be looming over your head. Especially with the increase in dating sites, the television shows all about finding that perfect (yet completely unrealistically priced) wedding dress, and even social networking sites, being single may begin to seem, well, uncool. However, its essential to remember that jumping into a relationship, or even marriage, because of how easily accessible finding single others are isn’t necessarily the best thing for you or your self esteem. In fact, rushing into a relationship can often times lead you looking back and thinking, “where did i go wrong?”

Its impossible not to hear about all of the success stories being told by online dating sites and its even easier to start thinking, “hey, why can’t that be me?”. However, it should be reassuring to know that in a time where more and more people are looking to dating sites for love, more and more people are also finding they can be completely and perfectly happy on their own. I know it may seem like a crazy concept for some, but in all honestly, men love a woman who is confident and knows she can provide for herself if need be.With that said, go into dating situations with that in mind: You don’t need this person to make you happy or complete you. Not only will this help you seem even more appealing to the opposite sex, but if you actually repeat this mantra to yourself enough, you might actually believe it.

And as far as online dating goes, it’s important to keep this in mind as well. If you start hitting it off with a great guy whose interests line up exactly with yours, Fantastic. If you decide to meet up and see where things go, even better. However, its important to know where to draw the line. You don’t HAVE to give him your email address and you don’t HAVE to let him move in with you if he asks. Often times people find themselves doing small favors for people they’re interested in and giving a little bit more personal information than they feel comfortable giving just to make sure the interest remains mutual. However, being confident in yourself will help you not get sucked into this trap of having to do THINGS to make him happy and he’ll end up liking you for you. This confidence will also prevent you from beginning a relationship that ends up with you feeling used, and in the long run will protect you from some potential online dating scams.