Retro couple dancing. Single Mothers are some of the most time-starved adults today. Between holding down jobs and single-handedly raising kids, most admit there is little time leftover for themselves. And finding time to meet and establish a new romantic relationship is one of the most challenging – of life’s greatest puzzle pieces – to fit into their schedule. In fact, it is often relegated to the bottom of a rather lengthy to-do list. Yet, single mothers are far from ready to hang up their Agent Provocateurs et stilettos. They want passion, adoration and yes…sex.

So, where does a single mom turn? Cheater Dating Sites. I recently discussed this phenom with Nancy Redd, Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison on Huff Post Live. Watch the story.

There is a covert yet growing trend amongst single mothers who are turning to cheater dating sites for sexual satisfaction. The revelation is one of the most striking findings in a recent survey conducted in conjunction with Ashley Madison.  Before you stop reading this story and exhale with disdain, consider these compelling reasons why dating cheaters is good for single moms and why wives should not be threatened by these extra-curricular relationships.

Damaged Goods

According to Noel Biderman, Founder and CEO of Ashley Madison the traditional male worldview of single mom’s is they are damaged. This is evidenced in vociferous blog postings like “Why Real Men Avoid Single Mothers” and the RedPIlls turgid “Don’t Date a Single Mother.” And many (if not most) single moms put their children first before any other relationship. So, a guy who needs to be her world is never going to be satisfied. “A married guy who hasn’t had sex with wife in a long time will want to be with them {single mothers}. He doesn’t see a single mom as damaged goods, she’s just good,” said Biderman.

No Dating Rules

Single Moms have complex busy lives. Trying to navigate a traditional dating relationship and all the “rules” that go along with that can be time consuming and tricky. For example, many traditional daters don’t want to engage with someone who’s just separated, still living under the same roof with their ex or in the throes of a nasty divorce. “The Ashley Madison platform takes those narratives out of the equation,” says Biderman. “It doesn’t matter where you are in your divorce.” Regardless of whether it’s 8 weeks, 8 months or 8 years a married man is going to be open to meeting. This rang true when survey respondents were asked, Are you seeking to engage with a married man because you currently don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to a traditional relationship? Sixty-eight percent said yes.

No need to explain to your kids or nosey ex

Single Mothers who have gone through a significant relationship and feel burned by the process of divorce are looking for something with little or no complications. “They’re not necessarily looking for permanency in their pursuit of intimacy,” commented Biderman. Nearly 60% of survey respondents answered that they’re reason for utilizing Ashley Madison was for an uncomplicated sexual relationship.

Further, many single moms have indicated that what they appreciate about a relationship of convenience is that it doesn’t impact them or their children. It’s often difficult and emotional navigating the when and how to introduce a new lover to children and vice versa. Plus, there are a host of further complications on each side of the equation if/and when the relationship doesn’t coalesce. The inherent anonymity of cheater site daters allows single moms to avoid the nosey ex factor.

No strings attached

The intention for every dating experience, regardless of the future outcome is to find happiness, mutual attraction and ultimately sex.

Not every relationship can last nor is every relationship entered into with the supposition that it will last. Engaging with married men for a single mom allows her to date a multitude of guys without remorse or sensitivity. And while married women believe single mothers are out to steal their husbands, 56% of the survey respondents indicated that what they wanted most from their Ashley Madison relationship was sex, and a full 84% revealed that they were not looking to take the relationship any further than the sexual encounter.

Infidelity tends to be a result of affluence and as women have gained economic independence their penchant for non-conforming sexual alliances has also escalated. Norms are changing and society is proving to endorse the infidelity. Sites like Ashley Madison, popular TV shows like “Scandal” and “The Affair” and new books like the upcoming “My Lover’s Keeper” are all changing the rules for all women. And it’s not just in the United States, it’s happening globally. “Women are risking their lives to have affairs in countries, such as the Middle East. In other areas, like Mexico and much of Latin and South America, women didn’t tend to have the same access and equality as men, which limited their opportunities,” says Biderman. “We’re giving people access to something they need.”

Clearly, more and more women are turning to these non-traditional dating sites and relationships. For a newly single mom, coming out of an empty long-term marriage, engaging with a cheater and having an affair is not a tawdry one-night stand. These are no-pressure passionate relationships that make them feel desirable and beautiful again.

Did you date a married man? Would you? Write us and tell us your experiences, thoughts, opinions. We will keep your identity  anonymous if you wish.