Many single moms spend quite a bit of time and money preparing a nursery for a new baby and often the baby outgrows the majority of the things in their bedroom before he or she is two years old. And after spending a chunk of change on everything necessary for a new little one in your home you aren’t likely to want to spend a ton of money when you are planning the “big kid room.” Here are some great tips for creating a cute bedroom for your child that’s upper affordable.



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Cribs these days can be converted to toddler beds and even used as a frame for a full bed. So follow the instructions to make that transformation and save on the major cost of any bedroom. Additionally, you can use your baby changing table as a dresser or toy storage for your big kid.

Easy Changes that Make a Big Difference

One area in a child’s room that makes a big impact is the rug. Rugs can be pricey but there are some affordable options at places like Target and My personal favorite place to find a great rug is Craigslist. You can often score a rug for under $40 which frees up some money to buy cute curtains or a new bookshelf. I love selecting a rug that’s meant for a living room or dining room to give an unexpected yet cool look to a child’s bedroom.


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Let your child help you pick out some images online and have them printed at your local drugstore or even on your own printer (or use the one at your office just don’t tell your boss I told you to!). You can also buy giant canvases for around $20 and let your child paint their own art for their room. I like to set up a gallery wall in my kid’s rooms because it makes their room look more grown up and intentional.

Floor Bed

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If you can’t reuse your baby’s crib or find a cheap bed frame then I suggest just putting the mattress on the floor. This is considered trendy these days as the popularity of minimalist decor is on the rise. Plus, it’s actually much safer for a toddler or young child that tends to flop around in their sleep. By saving money on the bed frame, you can splurge a little bit more on some cute custom bedding. There are some really cute options on Etsy to fit any decor style.

I hope you enjoy some of these easy tips to make your big kid’s room extra special without spending a ton of money.

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