Your education is important, and so is your child’s. As a single mom, you might have noticed that trying to go back to school for some marketable skills or for pleasure is tough not only schedule-wise, but also money-wise. So, here are a few tips I’ve found searching the web and talking with parents about saving for college, whether it’s for you or your kids.

1. Have an emergency savings account as well as a goal-oriented savings account. Having just the college fund makes it too tempting to pull from it in an emergency. Before you even start the fund, make an emergency fund first. Pick an amount that you feel comfortable having in savings and break it down into realistic payment chunks. When you hit your emergency amount, then start saving for school.

2. Look into your state’s 529 Plan. There are a few variations of this plan designed to help you save, and it is up to you to decide which plan suits your financial needs best. Looking at the different plans, I personally think that the “prepaid tuition” plan looks the most helpful, as it locks in the tuition prices and some allow for a room and board option (if this is for your kids) and you can use excess tuition credits on other approved expenses. A helpful chart can be found here.

3.  If you’re online-banking savvy, select the amount of money you want to deposit into your college savings fund every month automatically. This way, instead of having to remember to get into your account every month to make the deposit, it’s already done for you– this is also makes it harder to justify NOT putting money into your account…. you would have to go out of your way to put it back into your checking account!

I hope these few tips give you a little push in the right direction! There are enough obstacles when it comes to getting a college education– don’t be one of them yourself! You and your family deserve a good education and ultimately, the easier life that eventually follows getting a degree.

Have a great weekend!