Celebrating should be fun and stress-free, but sending out invitations can be time consuming and challenging.  Today, e-cards are becoming more and more popular.  Email has made sending out invitations a snap.  But when I went to create an invitation for my own party, I found many of the sites difficult to navigate, making the process frustrating.

After testing out different sites and talking to close friends, I found the perfect site to create invitations and announcements online.  It’s called EnnouncementCards.com!  Their collection of paper-less e-cards come in a variety of styles and formats.  My favorite part… it’s so easy to use!

Their cards can be easily personalized and customized any way you want.  You can attach your own photo, upload your address book, and email your friends without any cost!  They have birthday cards, save-the-dates, announcements, invitations, holiday cards… you name it.

I chose to send out my birthday invitation using EnnouncementCards.com and it was so simple to use and fun to play around with.  Being a single mom, I love keeping things simple and this site is just what I needed to make sure invitations were one last thing to worry about.

Just like EnnouncementCards.com says, “It is the perfect blend of the look of a traditional paper card with the convenience of an e-card.”  Not only that but it’s environmentally friendly and FREE!

Check out EnnouncementCards.com for your kid’s next birthday party or to celebrate a girls night out! Have fun with it and let me know what you think.