Kerri Zane and Daughter14 - SmallMother’s Day can be especially trying for newly single moms. In the past it was their significant others who planned the day and assisted the kids with picking out cards and flowers. Now on your own it might seem just like any other day being a mom. Nothing special. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some low stress ways to celebrate you with your kids.

1. Do something you can all enjoy.

When my children were younger we would pick our favorite activity to do together. I made sure all the choices were something that was relaxing and fun for everyone. We’d all have our top picks, write them out on strips of paper and put them in a grab bag. Then I got to draw the winning activity. We live close to Disneyland and have annual passes which makes it an affordable fun day, so that was frequently our activity of choice.

2. Collaborate on a multi-single mom Mother’s Day celebration.

Get together with a few of your other single mom friends and their kids to enjoy a potluck picnic. Add some champagne and OJ for moms and you’ve got a fun-filled relaxing day.

3. Steer clear of the brunch and instead do lunch.

It can be unsettling for you to see huge family groups together seemingly happily celebrating, when yours has diminished. Furthermore, most restaurants on Mother’s Day are noisy and overcrowded places where you are served less than stellar meals by grouchy overworked waiters. Instead how about you pick up take out and bring it to your mom’s. Celebrate the true matriarch of the family. This was frequently how we’d start our Mother’s day and move on to Disneyland later in the afternoon.

4. Spoil yourself at the spa.

Many resort spas all over the country are offering Mother’s Day specials. It’s okay to splurge a little bit and treat yourself to a relaxing pamper day. It is good for your overall physical and mental health.

5. Take a new family photo.

Call your favorite local portrait photographer and plan a family photo shoot for Mother’s day. You and your children will have fun picking out outfits, doing your hair and make-up (for the girls) and find a location that best exemplifies who you all are. It is the perfect way to honor your new family unit.

Ultimately the goal is to enjoy the most stress free day with your children possible. Truly savor each and every moment focusing on the fact that they will be irreplaceably cherished memories for all of you.