My cute, yellow Kaboo bag has been showing up with me everywhere I go lately… I was so lucky to get in touch with Denise Hamilton, the strategist and designer for the bags, at the Women’s Conference in Irvine a few weeks ago. My new bag and Denise’s outstanding generosity to provide my Girls Night Out event with 100 $50 gift cards for guests have inspired me to make this bold statement: if you can’t shop for a new wardrobe, shop for a new bag!

My yellow, structured Kaboo bag has been livening up my existing outfits, and I thought it would be nice to share with you that this ONE great purchase has made me feel like I actually got a few new outfits, too! When you’re a single mom, shopping sprees aren’t your first priority, which I totally understand. But the great thing about getting a new bag besides the lesser price is that this is something you don’t need to try on– you can easily shop online for a new bag! Or, like one of my previous posts suggests, you can rent a bag online!

The other thing is that when you invest in a quality bag, it will last forever! When you’re shopping for that bag that’s meant to liven up your wardrobe, look for interesting colors with neutral tones… such as a purple bag with brown or gray undertones, or a royal blue that’s been toned down a bit. These bags will go with anything! You can spruce up a black and white outfit or even pair it with a colorful outfit– either way, it works. This way, you have an accessory that works in any season and with almost any outfit you already have.

If you’re in the Long Beach/OC area, you’re welcome to attend my Girls Night Out, where you’ll see a slew of bags available, as well as some other great goodies to get your hands on! More info here.