Facing the most important family holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, as a newly minted single mom can be emotionally challenging.

When I was married to my former spouse we always had huge festive Thanksgiving scene at our house. There was lots of tasty food, noisy conversation, kids running in and out of the house and football game after football game on the big screen.  That is truly the ideal holiday celebration for one and all. But, when we parted ways my Thanksgiving holiday became filled with radio silence.

I learned a lot over the last 13 years of holiday seasons. I still love Thanksgiving, but my holiday is celebrated very differently than in years past.

Here are a options to make your single mom transition from Thanksgiving one household to Thanksgiving multi-household more palatable for you, your former spouse and your children.

1. If you can’t be one big happy family in marriage and in divorce, the next best option is to share the holiday equally. Split the day and/or weekend right down the middle, 50/50.

2. Or have a Tuesday before the holiday pre-Thanksgiving Celebration.

3. Celebrate the day solo bathed in pamper-me time.

4. Have a new lover? Turn the Thanksgiving weekend into a romantic getaway for two.

5. Create a new family at your Thanksgiving table with all your other single mom friends.

No matter how you decide to spend your Thanksgiving. Revel in the essence of Thanksgiving. Take time to reflect and be grateful for what you DO have in your life. You have your health, your beautiful children and many many days ahead to create new traditions as a family.