We all want flawless skin.  After all, healthy, happy skin makes us look younger and feel better about ourselves.  Especially as a single mom, glowing skin signals confidence and helps to attract the REAL one!  We know to apply sunscreen and moisturize, and we try products like night creams and skin brighteners, but what do we really know about the ingredients we are allowing to soak into our skin?

This was Kelly Teegarden’s concern after being diagnosed with stage III papillary carcinoma, a thyroid cancer.  Through careful research and determination, Kelly created Kelly Teegarden Organics, a line of chemical free products designed by a cancer survivor.

On her website, www.kellyteegardenorganics, Kelly shares the shocking pieces of information that inspired her endeavor.  She learned, for instance, that according to the World Health Organization, “80% of the epidemic of cancer is due to cancer causing chemicals in skin care, oral hygiene and cosmetics” (KTO.com).  There is no regulation of skin care ingredients and today cancer affects a quarter of the population.  Can you believe it?

Kelly Teegarden Organics is an amazing product that both enhances beautiful skin and protects you from dangerous, unwanted chemicals.

It was also easy to find!  I was able to purchase some KTO products at my local Whole Foods.  If you don’t have access to a Whole Foods, however, you can also find other locations on the KTO website or order products online to be delivered straight to your home.

I’m so happy to have learned about this great product!  Now I can feel confident when it comes to which ingredients I choose to put on and in my body.  And while we all want smooth, radiant skin, it is important to be aware of the ingredients used in any beauty product so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.