Single Moms it’s time to get on your bike! Women are dramatically underrpresented amongst bicyclists nationwide. According to a new report from the Alliance for Biking and Walking released in January 2012 women represent ony 24% of bicycle trips in the U.S. What is more concerning is that while bicycling and walking dropped by 66% between 1960and 2009 obesity levels rose by a startling 156%. Women on Bikes SoCal is launching a “Let’s Double the Women and Girls Riding Bikes” campaign with the first female only LCI (League Certified Bike Safety Instructor)  Bike Safety Program in the U.S.


Single Moms are waging a war on the primary killers brought on by our sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes, heart disease and obesity can all be mitigated an/or eliminated simply by adding cycling or walking to your lifestyle. The CDC’s current recommendations for adults is 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. That equates to a approximately a 15 minute bike ride 2 times a day five days a week. And it has been reported that the majority of car rides are less than 8 minutes from home. So if you need to go to the grocery store because you forgot an ingredient consider riding your bike. A trip to your local coffee spot or even to work (if it’s nearby) would provide you with the minimum amount of exercise for a healthy aerobic lifestyle.

The CDC also recommends muscle-strength activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms). This can be accomplished by lifting weights, working with resistence bands, isometric training ie. doing exercises that use  your body weight for resistence such as push ups and sit ups, heavy gardening or yoga.


Women on Bikes SoCal sees the key to increasing fem riders will be to empower female instructors to help close the bicycling gender gap. To do this the organization will be selecting 12 women to receive scholarships for the program and in return donate 25 hours of bike safety training back to their community. The target date for this first female only LCI program is June 2012. The hope is that “Let’s Double the Number of Women & Girls Riding Bikes” will double the number of women and girls actively riding bikes in Southern California by 2017.


If you are interested in supporting this scholarship effort you may make a contribution here . Or if you would like to submit yourself as a candidate for the progam applications will be available on the website starting February 15, 2012

I look forward to seeing you on the street!