best cities for sexThe best cities in the US for Single moms to have sex? Leave it to Dr. Oz to find out! Recently posted on are the greatest place to have that almighty “O” for men and women. The best was defined by how often a woman reaches orgasm during sex which in health terms increases heart rate and blood flow which is good for your circulatory system to say nothing for calming your nerves and helping you relax. Orgasms release oxytocin which is your body’s very own internal natural marijuana high, it acts as a powerful pain-killer. One study revealed that sex can heal your wounds faster. Experiments showed that the Oxytocin release can diminish sores by regenerating cells.

Frequent orgasms are healthy for your heart rate and your metabolism burning up to 300 calories in a single one hour session – think of sex as a cardio workout!


Topping the charts as the number one sexiest places for Single Moms to live and date is surprisingly Knoxville, Tenn.  Number two on the list for women was Tampa-St. Petersburg. Next was Miami which happened to be number two for men. So in terms of  hooking up across the board the tip of the panhandle is the place to be.


Coming in at number four, no pun intended, was LA and the OC. Lots of exercise and sunshine are the key factors for feeling good in SOCAL. Number five on the list of sexy single mom city’s was Houston and number six Orlando. Ranked number seven for best sex amongst the ladies studied was Sacramento. Rounding out the middle was Providence Rhode Island.


The best city across the board for men and women? You guessed it….Las Vegas! I guess that is why what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.