Summer is upon us and so is the season of basking in the warmth of outdoor activities. Which means our skin will be exposed to harmful UV rays. So finding ways to protect our youthful appearance is top of mind. Here are 5 of the latest beauty treatments for you to consider.

West Coast Wonders
West Coast single moms are being treated to the one and only US location of Skinwave in Beverly Hills, CA. The treatment is 100% natural and doesn’t include any injections, creams or surgery. The system functions with sound waves which are supposed to minimize fine lines and cellulite by stimulating collagen. (btw. I was told it will not work if you recently had Botox injections. Botox freezes your muscles and this system stimulates it.) The initial plan is for a series of treatments, once a week, for 4 weeks. Then subsequent treatments once a month.

Before and After Skinwave

Before and After

For the procedure you are instructed to lie down on a table, clean face (ie no makeup). The technician, who has been trained in Paris, turns on the machine. The wand attached to the skinwave whirs to life, sounding like a tiny jackhammer. He follows the same specified pattern along your throat and face with the wand for each treatment. The process doesn’t hurt but rather feels like tiny rubber bands quickly being stretched and released against your skin. The entire procedure takes between 20 and 30 minutes. And when you are done you get a mini shoulder massage, a bottle of water and a photo…to see your before and after’s. Mine is attached. While I didn’t see a significant shift on my face. I did see a lot fewer fine lines on my neck. The office is currently offering a facial treatment package of 6 for $1000.00.

BeautyRx's Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio Salon_technician and client_peelEast Coast Quick-fix
On the East Coast conscientious moms are being treated to Dr. Neal Schultz’s famed glycolic (the gold standard of exfoliation) peel at Peel Bar. While before NYCite’s had to make an appointment at his Upper East Side dermatological practice, now you can get a fast fix at Butterfly studio Salon in NYC, Becker Salon in Greenwich, CT and pop ups in Saks Fifth Avenues nationwide). Celeb fans of this procedure include stylist June Ambrose and Jay Manuel of “America’s Next Top Model.”

The whole process between checking in, the service itself and a few minutes to “freshen up” post-peel can have you in and out in about 15 minutes tops. Best part there is no peeling, redness or irritation post-peel. The peels at BeautyRx’s Peel Bar are the same protocol & strength (a 40% formula that’s been pH-adjusted and buffered to ensure it’s strong and effective but gentle) as what’s offered in-office at a fraction of the price ($225 in office with Dr. Schultz vs. $50 rate with his trained technicians at The Peel Bar).

Pin Prick Process
Known as the SkinPen, Micro-Needling treatment available through spa and/or cosmetic surgery offices is all about infusing the skin with actives that stimulate collagen. Incorporating cutting-edge science and ground breaking ingredients, this facial is supposed to restore your skin’s youth. Its best used for acne scars, wrinkles, fine Lines, and uneven skin tone.

The concept is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. As the device moves across the skin, it makes pinpoint punctures to create very minor micro-“injuries.” In response to the perceived “injury,” a cascade of growth factors is released, which in turn triggers new collagen synthesis.Once the desired result has been achieved, it is suggested to continue with quarterly maintenance treatments. My girlfriend has had the procedure to maintain the lift on the tip of her nose. She is a fan.

Full Box 4 Image 4 copy 2Beauty in a Box
Fans of the subscription box craze can rejoice. Tina Hedges, a former Lauder + L’Oreal exec with over 20+ years experience is the CEO & Founder of LOLI Beauty. According to Hedges, one of four key trends impacting global beauty and personal care industry are beauty consumers getting their hands “dirty.” They are personalizing their own beauty products at home.  The LOLI subscription service delivers to consumer’s doorstep a box packed with food grade or raw ingredients that consumers blend at home into a hair or skin care product by following a simple, step-by-step recipe.

 Eat Yourself Beautiful waxhead_cherry_almond_beach
Of course there are some who believe we are what we eat…and after all aren’t we? For those purists who don’t want to mess with treatments, needling or concocting there are Sun Defense Nutrient Bars. They are clean nutrient bars (loaded with a proprietary mix of antioxidants) that help protect your skin in the sun and repair skin damage.

And the best kept food beauty secret is coconut milk yogurt (dairy free). We all know the beauty properties of eating coconut oil. but who can really eat 18g of fat per serving. Yoconut dairy free yogurt has 6g of good fats per pot.

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