Happy summer! Last week marked the official beginning of this year’s bathing suit season. Not excited? If the thought of donning last year’s bikini scares you more than makes you excited to hit the beach, read on.

Unfortunately, along with the heat comes cravings for cool sweat treats. Starbucks frappuccino, anyone? Not only is the heat a factor, but summer is a time to be social. Everyone wants to be out in the sunshine shopping or dining with friends. Eating is a very social activity to begin with, and lets be honest, no one really prefers to hit up the local Baskin Robbins stag, am I right? Thus, we get groups of girlfriends together to eat, drink, and be merry. However, if you are trying to make yourself more bikini ready, this might not be the best way to cure your summertime sweet tooth. Try a few of these fun, lighter calorie options to kick the craving:

Option #1: Individual Silk Chocolate Soy milks. I buy the big pack from Costco and they last you a few weeks. When served chilled, they are the perfect chocolatey dessert on a hot summer night. Plus, if you buy the individual ones, you are less likely to have more than 1 serving as opposed to an entire carton.

Option #2: Grilled peaches. They are a seasonal summer fruit and are so naturally sweet and delicious already. But what I like to do to is halve it, pit it, drizzle a little honey over each half, then put them face down on my panini maker; just long enough to make them warm and give ’em a few grill marks. Then I put a dollop of mascarpone or light whipped topping, such as Cool Whip Light, on each half and sprinkle a little cinnamon and granola on top. And voilà!

Option #3. DIY fro yo. Frozen yogurt is generally a healthier option than ice cream, so when most of us go to Yogurtland or Pink Berry we don’t think twice. But the serving sizes can be pretty monstrous if you’re really in the mood and, truth be told, once you get to the toppings counter it’s all downhill from there. After adding on the brownie bites and cookie dough morsels, your fro yo is no longer fat free. A cheaper way to go easy on the toppings and portions is to make your own at home. I like to use Greek yogurt because it’s richer and creamier. I mix in a little sugar and vanilla extract for sweetness then pop it in the freezer. For toppings I like to cut up fresh fruit, sprinkle on some sweetened dried coconut, or add some chopped raw nuts like almonds or walnuts.

Option #4: We can’t rule out ice cream completely, right?! It’s just too good. I’ve always been a fan of the Skinny Cow desserts. There really is no better way to limit quantity and still get your chocolate fix. Two of my favorites are the ice cream fudge bars at 100 calories per bar, and the Cookies n Cream low fat ice cream cup at 150 calories per cup.

So there you have it! A few of my guilt-free craving cures to help you beat the heat. Do you have any svelte sugary secrets you’d like to share?