tweens Finding activities to keep your middle-schoolers busy during the summer can be challenging.  They are at that weird in-between stage when they’re too old to go to camp, but too young for a summer job. One of my favorite summertime activities with my younger daughter has always been baking. We started getting busy in the kitchen when she was little, like 3 years old little. It’s our favorite mommy and me time. Our specialty ~ cupcakes. As she grew our baking became more and more sophisticated. We amped up our equipment with all kinds of special cupcake baking tools.  But, we also found that with each of our after baking tastings she was getting an upset tummy. We decided to remove dairy from her diet. Her stomach got better, but her sweet tooth started aching. Fortunately, we found So Delicious.  We’ve been able to get very creative in the kitchen with all the products they have available and you can too. Plus with the featured recipe you don’t have to turn on the stove to make it, so your house will stay nice and cool during the coming hot summer months. The raspberry sparkling cider fizz dessert recipe featured in the video was crafted by Gail Davis.

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20 other great Tween summer activities

  1.  Visit the local animal shelter to volunteer.
  2. Write old school,  pen and paper, letter to friends they haven’t spoken to in awhile.
  3. Scrapbook fun new family photo album.
  4. Plant a butterfly garden in your backyard.
  5. Update your child’s room to make it more tweenish.
  6. Create your own mom and me reading club.
  7. Make your own scones and invite some friends over for a tea party.
  8. Have a neighborhood dog wash proceeds go toward doggie toys.
  9. Play night tag with flashlights.
  10. Camp out on your porch, deck or backyard.
  11. Learn how to use a compass.
  12. Keep a weather journal and track seasonal trends.
  13. Take an urban hike through a new neighborhood in your city.
  14. Attend a minor league ballgame.
  15. Have dessert for dinner.
  16. Buy or borrow foreign language CD’s and practice speaking to each other.
  17. Recycle bottles from the neighborhood and donate the money toward a community garden.
  18. Research your family tree.
  19. Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt.
  20. Sign up for lessons in something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet!

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