Beautiful woman with a child sitting on the grass In the US there persists an old school stereotype of a single mother. It is that she is a poor unemployed welfare recipient. This simply isn’t so. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at any one time, about two thirds of single mothers are working outside the home, a slightly greater share than the share of married mothers who are also working outside the home. Truth be told, single mothers are not looking for a hand out, they’d prefer a helping hand. And there is a savvy group of young women, making six figure annual incomes, working outside-the-box of societal norms, to support themselves and their children. They’re called Sugarbabies.

Millenial Sugarbabies
Although traditionally seen as college-aged girls the trend, known as “sugaring” has grown exponentially amongst millennial single moms. There are several tumblr communities for sugarbabies numbering upwards of 10,000 members. In a recent survey conducted in conjunction with it found that 65% of respondents were between the ages of 21 and 30 years old and amongst that group nearly 70% of them were strictly on the site to earn money to support their families.

The Sugar Business
Sugaring has gained such a stronghold that is turning the trend into a full-fledged business platform. The site will be holding it’s first one day Sugarbaby Summit in NYC on June 12, 2015. They are expecting a sold-out audience. The attendees will learn everything from strategies for earning more income to how investment profits for the highest yields.

A Sugar Pro
For these women sugaring is not a passing dalliance, they take their work very seriously. I was fortunate enough to speak with one of the most successful single mom sugarbabies on the site, Chelsea. Chelsea currently juggles 10 sugardaddies and says she nets approximately $20,000 a month, tax free.

The twenty-four year old mother of two shared that her life wasn’t always so posh and deciding to enter the life of Sugaring not an easy choice. Like most, Chelsea started off living the Cinderella fantasy. Unfortunately, she had only been married 4 years when her Prince Charming came out of the closet. While they had an amicable parting of the ways, and he remains a dedicated dad, it didn’t make being a single mom any less stressful or financially challenging. After they split Chelsea was working 15 hours a day as a waitress for minimum wage. After taxes there was little left for “extra’s” and the long hours meant virtually no quality time for her children. She hated being the absent parent who, when she was present, had to deny her children things because she couldn’t afford them.

Knowing about Chelsea’s struggles, her sister suggested she try an arrangement dating site. At first she didn’t know it was a real thing, or that single moms could actually support themselves in this manner. It was a difficult lifestyle to envision, but she knew she needed to make some changes to take better care of her children. In fact, were it not for her children she wouldn’t be sugaring at all, she told me. Dating an older man (40’s and 50’s) was not something she initially saw herself doing. It ran up against her morals, but as she started to do it she found that they were more mature and far more tolerant of her dedication to her children then younger guys. By far the best benefits of a sugar relationship according to Chelsea, is the low drama. “These guys are more discreet and far less time-consuming than a normal (or Vanilla as it’s called in the sugaring world) relationship. It’s perfect for the time-starved single mom,” she told me.

Sugaring is NOT prostitution
If there is any question that sugaring is prostitution Chelsea put it to rest. Yes, both involve sex and a financial transaction, but sugaring is “a delicate arrangement,” she said. “A man will dial up a prostitute or escort for straight sex, he may not ever know her name. The man who chooses to engage with a sugarbaby is looking for the girlfriend experience, they want a real connection.” She went on to explain that the job for a prostitute is her menu of sex acts, the work of a sugarbaby is gentle suggestion. Sugarbabies have to be very careful about how they bring up the financial support. Plus, most feel it’s important to them that they get along with their sugar daddies. They want to enjoy each other’s company and have a real physical attraction for one another. “I hustle my butt off,” Chelsea told me. “It is a full time job being attentive to 10 guys. They all want to know their number one. They want to talk to me and they live all over the country. Oftentimes I am on the road visiting with each of them.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s conservative sister thinks she’s created a monster. “She’s happy I finally can support my kids but there’s a dark side to sugaring. I’m addicted to the money. It’s kind of sad in a way because I don’t know how to go back to my old life. I could never have a regular 60-hour a week job. Once you get in, it’s hard to get out,” she admitted. “It’s a thrill to see how much I can get. The way I’m spoiled with dinners and shopping trips and I get to travel, I’ve been on business trips to NYC, Hawaii, and the Bahama’s for 10 days.”

Family Security
The ultimate goal for sugar baby single moms is to earn a living, support their children and network with people who have money. They want to make smart decisions with the money coming in and invest it wisely. Buying real estate and starting trust funds for their kids are top priorities. “The lifestyle may appear to be a bit selfish,” said Chelsea, “but I get to give my kids what they want, and that makes feel good as a working single mom.”

Sugaring is the Millenial Thing to Do
“Being a sugarbaby is the millennial thing to do,” Chelsea confessed, “it’s f’ing with the way things are ‘supposed to be’, which is what we {millennials} do. Besides legit sugardaddys are putting this stuff on their taxes,” she exclaimed, “so it’s legal!”

Some may want to turn a blind-eye to the sugar baby lifestyle, but that is becoming more and more difficult. With the sheer number of young women and single moms signing up for websites such as, the advent of a summit to legitimize the lifestyle as a business and written in books such “My Lover’s Keeper,” it appears that sugaring is here to stay.

Do you have a sugaring story to share? Do you have a friend who’s a sugar baby? Are you interested in being a sugar baby? Had success in the world of sugaring? Or does it go against your moral compass?

We’d love to hear your story?