Wine is the New SunscreenA new study details that in addition to some of the other benefits that wine provides, it now can be regarded as an aid against the effects of UV rays. In another words, that glass of wine you love so much, could be the new sunscreen in your skincare regimen because of its’ healthy qualities in fighting any possible sunburns!

No Surprise Here?

Grapes and wine are not a surprise healthy choice! Earlier research has shown that wine is already benefiting people by helping prevent life-altering diseases such as Alzheimers, prostate cancer, and also something as simple as protecting against tooth decay!

Keep the Wine Flowing!

Although many studies have been done to recognize the effects of various effects by plant’s antioxidants, this is the first study that dives into the effects of drinking wine on skin. What this recent study shows is that grapes and anything that comes from grapes hold key ingredients called: flavonoids. Never heard of it? Well you will remember it now, because this is the key to the protection that wine provides against damaging sun effects of UV radiation!

The Science in Simple Terms

When UV rays hit the skin, they activate something called ROS or in other words a type of oxygen species. These oxygen species turn on the enzymes in the body that kill skin cells thus causing the damaging effects to skin. This is where those ‘flavs’ (flavonoids) step in! This study shows that this chain reaction is stopped in it’s tracks by the flavonoids from grapes by deterring the ROS’ from forming, causing the enzymes mentioned above from not forming as well.

Slide that Glass of Wine Right on Over!

So single mothers, after a long day, relax and sit back…and think about your skin? That’s right, that glass of wine before bed will be aiding against harmful sun effects against your skin, in the days to come!

Think flavonoids are wine’s only claim to health fame? Check out another ingredient that adds to the health benefits of grapes and wine (red wine specifically) : polyphenol!